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Ages 13-18

Pit Band Auditions -

Wednesday, December 4th

Auditions are being held for students 12-18 for the pit band for Freaky Friday - the Musical. 


The show will perform from February 26th-February 29th at the .Zach Theatre. This is a great opportunity to learn how to play in a pit from Dave Brandt, an experienced Music Director/Keyboard Player.  There is not a paying job but food will be provided at some rehearsals.


Rehearsals will be scheduled according to the availability of all of the members of the band.

For the Audition: Guitarists bring guitar and amp.  Bassists bring small amp or we will provide one for you.  We will have a drum kit in the rehearsal studio for drummers to use.  Please prepare any 2 contrasting rock/pop style Broadway songs from a fairly recent musical.

Walk-ins are allowed but those with appointments will be seen first.

Auditions will be held at Utupia Studios:
3957 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110




Pre-Tech Week Rehearsals will be agreed upon once the band has been selected based upon all the members' schedules.


Sunday, February 23rd1pm-6pm

Monday, February 24th6pm-19pm

Tuesday, February 25th 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, February 26th -6-10 Dress/Tech

Thursday, February 27th - Performance 7pm

Friday, February 28th - Performance 7pm

Saturday, February 29th -  Performance 7pm



Excessive Absences or Tardiness:

Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Staff for absences or late arrival; The Staff reserves the right to remove musicans who are not present at rehearsals and give their part to another musician.

Behavior Expectations:

The Staff and Student Musicians will be working hard and taking the rehearsal process extremely seriously.  Everyone has the same goal: To Put on a Fantastic and Exciting Production of Freaky Friday.   If a Student Musician consistently disrupts rehearsals and is exhibiting behavior that is counteractive to our collective goal of having fun while putting on a great show, the Staff reserves the right to Call the Students Parent for early pickup and expulsion from the program.  Please only enroll your children in this program if they are mature enough to handle the maturity level required to participate in this show.

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