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Dave Brandt
Co-Owner &
Musical Director
Kelley Brandt
Co-Owner &

Dave Brandt has had years of experience working around St. Louis as a Music Director and Musician .  Dave has released 3 cds and written several original student musicals with Kelley Brandt.   Dave earned an M.A. in Educational Administration and worked as a Music Teacher in the Fox C-6 school district.  He is committed to encouraging young people while helping them to achieve their goals and learn skills that will be an asset to them throughout their lives and future careers.

Kelley Brandt is proud to say have taught theatre to so many amazing students over the

years.  Many performers who were once among the youngest in her productions have remained with RockShow Academy through their Senior Year.  Some of these talented kids have graduated to lead roles in productions at Theme Parks, Cruise Ships,  College Productions, Radio and Movies - and many have won acting & music scholarships.   Kelley has performed in commercials, industrials, stage productions and has been a professional cheerleader. Besides her ongoing work as an Audition Coach/Agent and Theatre Director and Teacher,  she is committed to the personal success of all the students in the program – and to putting on first class Broadway-style productions.  Kelley has written several original student musicals with Dave Brandt.  Through a sense of family, trust and security – kids work and grow together and the results are simply Wicked-Cool.


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