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What people are saying about us

"Dave and Kelly are amazing with the kids. They know how to let the kids have a great time and explore all their possibilities while still learning so much. Over the summer they put on an exceptional play in just two weeks, they really know what they are doing and my daughter enjoys the experience of each and every show and voice lesson."



“My daughter misses you all and is a little sad she was not able to participate in Cinderella.   She is performing in another show  the next two weekends.   The experience has been good but she enjoyed  working with Rockshow much more (directors and cast)!  She looks forward to the Fall Show!"



"Wow!! You did it, what a great performance! Thank you so much for giving my daughter this opportunity, she loves it!! "




"My Daughter has been a part of two theatrical productions at Rockshow Academy. We could not be any happier. I was looking for a place with a positive atmosphere, and professionals that would encourage my child and her love of musical theatre. Rockshow has exceeded my expectations. They are one of a kind and give every child a chance to grow."




"Two of my children have been taking lessons with the folks at RockShow Academy, for both 1:1 singing and instrument lessons, and also as part of a band.  They do a great job teaching music and having the kids work together to play music as a band.  It's really great to see things come together for great live performances!"




"My daughter has been with RockShow for almost 4 years. We both enjoy the personal approach within the professional grade training. The kids are learning great skills for use in life such as teamwork, self confidence and speech. My daughter has dreams and ambitions of becoming a star and I am proud of the choice I made to join RockShow Academy."



"2 of my kids have been in productions with Rock Show Academy.  So thankful for the positive learning atmosphere as well as the high caliber of show they put on!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!"



"Our son loves this place. It's a far cry from a typical place where you would take lessons. The kids play in a band together and play actual music. It's awesome!!!"

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